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Fala was the Scotty dog who was the friend and companion of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Fala was sometimes serious, Sometimes happy, Sometimes pleading And always charming. You will want to read about him in this book.

So went the jacket copy in 1942 for the first edition of The True Story of Fala, written by Margaret (Daisy) Suckley for her close friend and distant cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt and celebrating the loveable Scotty dog she gave the president the dog that became FDR s constant companion at the White House, at press conferences, during meetings with ambassadors and heads of state, at home in Hyde Park, New York, on the yacht Potomac, and even aboard the HMS Prince of Wales when FDR had his first historic, and highly secret, meeting at sea with Winston Churchill during World War Two. Fala was the most famous dog of his time and maybe the most famous dog in all of American history.

The True Story of Fala by Margaret Suckly and Alice Dalgliesh

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