Harvesting History

Harvesting History at Clermont connects youth with their local history. The program engages students in a hands-on project of caring for a garden. This, in turn, teaches the history of Clermont, agriculture and healthy eating habits. 


Harvesting History began seven years ago and served 100 children; today, we serve well over 1,000 children throughout Columbia, Greene, and Ulster Counties. Students harvest vegetables and herbs, and learn how to transform this produce into delicious and healthy snacks like kale chips, mint tea, or a yogurt dip. Each student receives fresh produce from the garden to bring home as well as the knowledge of how to prepare it. When children learn where their food comes from, how to plant a garden and how to cook nutritious meals, they develop healthy eating habits at a young age. This leads to a reduction in lifelong chronic illness caused by poor diet: obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Introducing children to new fruits and vegetables using basic recipes can put them on track to make smarter food choices for life. These choices can impact their entire family’s eating habits.

Harvesting History is always provided to children and organizations completely free of charge. In recent years, we have expanded our teaching garden, incorporated lessons about climate science, and introduce students to other disciplines, including art, creative writing, meteorology, entomology, and more.