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The Honoria Livingston McVitty Society
Leaving a legacy for future generations

Honoria was not only the last member of the Livingston Family to call Clermont home, she forever changed the future of Clermont State Historic Site. Before her passing in 2000, she donated the final parcel of land to the state, allowing the public to learn about her family and enjoy Clermont for generations to come. She donated many precious family heirlooms, keeping her family history—and the history of the Hudson Valley—alive for everyone to enjoy.

Perhaps her most significant contribution was the generous gift she left as part of her trust, which formed the Honoria McVitty Endowment. While the endowment remains intact, earnings from that gift helped the Friends of Clermont fund:

  • Garden restoration

  • Mansion and grounds improvements

  • Harvesting History

  • Free and low-cost programs

The Honoria Livingston McVitty Society honors those who have chosen to follow Honoria’s example and leave a legacy for Clermont.

To become a member, let us know that you have named Friends of Clermont in your estate plans. Friends of Clermont could be named in your will or trust, or as the beneficiary of an insurance policy or retirement fund. Interested in funding something specific, like our gardens, programs, or site improvements? We are happy to work with you and your estate planning team to design a gift that will impact Clermont for decades—even centuries—to come.

Fill out the form below, email us , or call (518) 537-6622. We look forward to speaking with you.  

The Honoria Livingston McVitty Society

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