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How to Clean an Oriental Area Rug?

Wool Area Rugs are warm, durable and support your home interior in order to add an appealing look to your dwelling. Wool is a natural and renewable fiber that discourages bacterial growth. The natural lanolin in woolen repulses stains and dust.

So whether it is contemporary, luxury, vintage, Moroccan, print, traditional, or shag area rug, one must perform proper cleansing to guard your fleece mat against harm. In order to keep your hand-crafted wool rug like new, here is a complete guide of cleaning woolen flooring.

Cleaning An Oriental Rug In The Best Way

Continuous vacuuming exercises are extremely important to preserve the beauty of the wool yarn. A brand new kilim area rug discards fibers; there is nothing to do with it. But regular vacuuming of an oriental floor covering will promptly decrease rug shedding. A handy vacuum cleaner with an upholstery tool is the best method to clean the fringed edges.

Constantly rotating your oriental rug is crucial to avoid asymmetrical fading due to sunlight and moisture damage.

Required Tools to Clean & Keep Your Oriental Area Rugs As New –


· Vacuum with no Beater Bars

· Buckets

· Broom / Rug Beater

· Spray Bottle

· Cleaning Rags / Towels

· Soft-bristle Brush or Sponge

· Laundry Drying Rack


· Baking Soda

· Mild Dish Soap / Detergent

· White Vinegar

· Rubbing Alcohol

· Rug Cleaner

7 Proven Ways to Deep Clean an oriental Floor Covering

Basically wool is a natural yarn that is stain-safe and sturdy; additionally, this natural yarn prevents the development of bacteria in your area rug. So, you have opted for the ideal rug material. To keep your traditional area rug new and stretch the time between deep cleaning, it is necessary to do fundamental cleaning on regular basis.

Remove Dirt

To clean your traditional area rug, opt for a bright or moderate day. Take kilim floor covering outside and hand it on a laundry drying rack and use a broom or rug beater to shake the dirt out from both sides.


Once the dirt is removed, spread the oriental rug on the patio or clean the trap with the grimy side up to vacuum it well. Now do it on the other side of the rug. You can also use your living area, garage, or any area if you don’t have any outside space.

Mix a Gentle Detergent / Soap Solution

Fill the bucket with water and add the mild soap solution, detergent, or rug cleaner. Mix them well and fill another bucket with clean water.

Scrub It Well

Choose one side of oriental floor covering to start cleaning. Dip the sponge into the detergent solution and start rubbing the area rug gently. Use a grid pattern such as 2 feet by 2 feet to target and deep clean a specific area of the rug. Wash the rug thoroughly with a sponge. Don’t overwet the wool rug threads as it can take too long to dry.

Rinse Away

Use the clean sponge and clean water to wash out the area you have scrubbed. Don’t skip the rinsing process because left detergent can attract more dust to it.

Blot Up Moisture

Smudge the clean area of the wool rug with old towels to absorb extra moisture. Move according to the set pattern until the entire wool rug is not cleaned.


Let the wool area rug dry completely before starting using it again. To accelerate the process of drying, hang the rug and move it up to improve air circulation.

Tips for Cleaning the Oriental Area Rugs

Right, and regular care is a great way to keep your Wool Area Rug as new. Spills and stains can be removed with the help of prompt treatment. Here are three basic tips to remove stains –

Don’t Rub Spills

Don’t rub the fresh spills or stains. Rubbing can allow the stain to be deep-seated into fibers. So, straight away try to pick it up with a spoon or spatula and use paper towels to blot up the spills when you pour something on your oriental carpet.

Avoid direct contact of rug with a cleaning agent

Don’t put any type of cleaning agent directly on the oriental rug. Test it first on your choice of cloth to ensure that colors are not going to pale.

Avoid harsh cleaner

Don’t go with any kind of cleaners. Always opt for stain removers that are advised for woolen area rugs. You can add white vinegar to prevent pet odors from the rug. Never try oxygen-bleach, chlorine-bleach or ammonia to clean the kilim rug.

Vacuum Between Professional Area Rug Cleanings

Appropriate cleaning incorporates normally vacuuming your floor covering on the two sides. In spite of the fact that vacuuming doesn't eliminate all garbage from profound inside the carpet's heap, it surely eliminates a portion of the soil and dust and decreases allergens that are caught inside the strands. Vacuuming keeps carpets genuinely clean between proficient cleanings.

Turn Oriental Rug for Even Wear

Situating your traditional carpet in a brilliant and sunlit room will cause blurring. Nonetheless, utilizing blinds or window hangings to impede direct daylight will forestall some sun harm. Another alternative to lessen lopsided wear and blurring is to pivot your zone mat yearly.

Get Heavy Furniture Far from Oriental Floor Covering

Putting hefty furniture on region carpets may pulverize the filaments and make gouges. In any case, utilizing furniture liners will help forestall miseries in the oriental carpet.

Put resources into a Rug Pad

Floor covering cushions broaden the life of your carpet. They forestall slipping, assimilate sound and give padding and non-abrasiveness. A custom territory mat pads wise speculation for region mat proprietors.

Avoid Do-It-Yourself Kilim Area Rug Cleaning

Blotching a spill with paper towels is the initial step to containing the harm. Utilizing synthetic compounds and cleaning arrangements intended for manufactured floor coverings ought to be maintained a strategic distance from, as cruel cleansers are grating and may harm your area rug. Besides, applying water to stains isn't suggested. Colors may run and drain, staining the mat and harming the floor underneath.

Expertly Clean Area Rugs

No floor covering treatment replaces periodic expert cleaning. Indeed, even with ordinary home consideration, proficient territory mat cleaning is an unquestionable requirement to expand the life of your carpet and draw out its common excellence and brilliant hues. The normal time suggested between proficient cleanings is each 12-year and a half.

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