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Unforgivable mistakes in the image of the main character

The hero is limited or single-tasked

If the first trouble - with the weakness of the hero - occurs when the author follows too scrupulously the logic of the stated character, this one happens, on the contrary, when the author is primarily concerned with conveying a certain idea or idea to the reader, and for the sake of this he is willing to forget about the logic of the character and the credibility of the image altogether.

More often than not, pay for college essay such an "obsession" becomes a clearly stated moral message or concept of world order. It turns out that the hero appears in the story for the sake of solving one problem.

And even if at the beginning he has a personal life, friends, hobbies and other components of the usual everyday life, as soon as this very task, for the solution of which the hero was created, appears in the story, his whole life is cut short. And, most importantly, both the hero and the author forget. Then everything is connected only and exclusively with the set task, as if there were no personal life, no friends, and hobbies.

In especially neglected cases, essays for sale it reaches ridiculous levels: at first, the hero makes himself known as a skeptic and pragmatist in relation to any problems, but as soon as one of the characters voices the author's point of view on the key problematic of the story, the main character immediately - without a doubt, without checking or finding proof - begins to ardently support and "promote" it.

Needless to say, what happens to the credibility of both the story itself and such a hero? Of course, it immediately falls to zero. Sometimes so much so that one begins to sincerely empathize and wish good luck to the main antagonist and villain. 🙂


No matter how attractive and right you - as an author - may think some idea or worldview is, leave the hero the right to doubt. Let him hesitate, let him test the ideas in practice, reconcile opposing points of view in his heart and, most importantly, let him look for a place for new ideas in his already established life.

And if the hero is forced - by the demands of the story itself, by the course of circumstances - to abandon this very ordinary life and go in search of adventure, then let him do so within the framework of his already declared character. If a skeptic and pragmatist, he will think twenty times and weigh all the circumstances, and then double-check ten times if he did the right thing. If a reckless impulsive brave, then abandon everything and dive into a whirlpool, and then - at least occasionally! - will regret that he did not think about it, or miss the loved ones he left behind.

A living person cannot live by one task or one idea, no matter how global it may be.

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