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Vinyl floors are made from many layers of synthetic materials like PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Manufacturers roll them out and proceed into sheets or tiles.

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This type of flooring is widely known for its flexibility and affordability. But can vinyl flooring be durable enough for heavy-duty applications, such as bathrooms and kitchens?

In those places, a robust floor should resist mildew and moisture. We have tested this ability of a diverse set of the latest vinyl floor products, including luxury vinyl plank. Let's find out whether their durability can match your expectations.

Is Vinyl Flooring Durable?

According to TheKingLive experts, vinyl floors don't consist of just one big layer. They are made from multiple layers, including one for protection, one for backing, and a design layer.

This multiple-layer construction gives vinyl flooring enough durability and protects it from all kinds of damage like tearing, mildew, scuffing, gouges, dents, and scratches. This makes vinyl flooring an amazing choice for high-traffic rooms in your house.

When properly installed, vinyl sheets and tiles aren't prone to water penetration. They can survive a high level of moisture, protecting not just the floor itself but also the underlayment.

This resistance to moisture can keep your home free from mildew and mold, which love a room with damp conditions. It also allows you to use the best mop for Vinyl floors.

You don't see this ability in many types of flooring, even the pricey ones. They may struggle to keep up with high-moisture areas like the kitchen, laundry room, and especially the bathroom. But vinyl floors can just withstand all of them and look as great as ever.

High-quality vinyl flooring products are usually equipped with an enhanced protective layer. It provides extra protection against gouges and scratches. Just some regular wiping to keep it free of grit, and you can keep your vinyl flooring looking great for several years.

When scratches aren't your worst enemy, check out quality homogenous alternatives. They have the same color throughout all the layers. Even when scratches form on the top layer, it is very hard to notice them.

When printed vinyl is your cup of tea, look for products with a durable wear layer or fiberglass-reinforced options. They are all extremely hard-wearing.

Additionally, vinyl sheets and tiles resist breaking and cracking. They have some room to deform, meaning they are less likely to crumble or crack. This is not the case with hard floors, whose surfaces are more fragile and prone to cracks.

Thanks to their clear top layer, many vinyl tiles and sheets can resist stains as well. When there are fresh spills on them, you can wipe them and get rid of the spills quickly. Read “Best Mop for Vinyl Floors: Buying Guide and TOP Suggestion" if you need more information.

About their water resistance, you must take into account the installation. While vinyl tiles and planks are waterproof themselves, incorrect installation can leave many seams. Moisture and water can seep through these seams and damage the below layers.


Vinyl flooring can be a durable choice for your house. If you choose high-quality products and install them correctly, they can resist moisture, scratches, and stains pretty well.

Is Vinyl Flooring Durable Enough For Your House?

Is Vinyl Flooring Durable Enough For Your House?

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