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Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS) provides the framework for integrated decision making across the functional areas of an organization. CIS students will study how information systems may be developed and utilized to support operational, tactical, and strategic decision-making in business organizations. With a computer information systems degree, students will be help with finance homework well prepared for this future. They will learn how technology is used to manage businesses, regardless of the specifics of the hardware, the software, or even the business.

In this program, students will learn state-of-the-art networking concepts and skills needed to design networks. Theoretical and practical aspects of designing and essays for sale developing networking systems and applying technical solutions are explored. Graduates will be prepared for positions as network administrators, network systems engineers, or managers.

Expanding on the broad selection of high-tech programs at Strayer University, the database technology programs stress the process, analytic, design, planning and payforessay engineering issues associated with database technology – a key business asset at almost all companies. These programs address the theoretical and practical aspects of designing, developing, implementing, managing, maintaining, and distributing database systems.

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