An Old-Fashioned Independence Day

2:00 – 10:00 pm

$10 per vehicle parking fee



Chancellor Robert R. Livingston was one of the Committee of Five who drafted the Declaration of Independence in June of 1776.  His cousin Philip not only signed the Declaration, but died because he served in the Continental Congress in spite of poor health.  Because of this, we at Clermont feel a strong connection to the celebration of American Independence from the English empire.


Clermont’s Independence Day celebration is a way for you to sample life in the 18th century.  This year Clermont’s curators have traveled back in time to July of 1776 (our brand new time machine featured at right) to bring back a handful of colonists to 2012. 

These colonists will teach you historic card games, a ring toss game called Quoits, and join in a raucous debate over whether or not this whole “revolution” idea is a good one after all.  (full schedule of events can be found below)  You can even share your opinion on American secession from the English Empire at our voting booth.  We’ll tally your votes and announce the results at 6:00, right before the Revolutionary Ball. 

Throughout the day you can also take a special, 18th century-focused tour of Clermont’s 260-year-old mansion, try out free crafts for kids–make your own tricorn hat!–and try out the Games of Skill on the Croquet Lawn.  Don’t miss the delicious hot food from Georgia Ray’s Kitchen all day. 

Finally, unfold your picnic blanket, get out the lawn chairs, and find yourself a good spot in the grassy Sheep Fold as you await a view of Saugerties fireworks between 9:30 and 10:00.  Local rock band Crossroads will play live beginning at 8:15, and a special pair of guests will be reading the preamble to the Declaration of Independence at at 9:00!

Free ice cream, while it lasts, and additional financial support generously given by Stewart’s Shops.

Live music, gunsmoke, and the laughter of children fill the air from 2-10pm.  Great family entertainment for only $10 per vehicle!